Pereh offers a refined culinary experience that transitions with seasonal and local ingredients. The fertile soil of the Golan Heights is an exceptional part of the Israeli landscape. The fresh mountain air and abundant water sources are boundless keys to the area’s quality harvests. With gratitude to this bounty, the region has become the pinnacle of Israeli agriculture and farming, inspiring progressive breeders who strive for excellence in tune with a mindful and sustainable interaction with the natural world.
Rouge showcases the region’s abundance and immense diversity using both contemporary and traditional techniques to offer patrons an authentic, local dining experience; seasonal raw materials are hand-picked straight from the hotel’s harvest of fruit trees and Golani and Galilean farmers, producers, and makers.


Rouge offers a locally-sourced dining experience wholly based on inspiring and refined seasonal dishes. Our cuisine celebrates locally-cultivated ingredients, products, and makers – culminating in a meal-turned-journey of discovery.

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The Wine Cellar

Pereh’s cozy, refined wine cellar is as enchanting as it is memorable. Our in-house sommelier and mixologist, Omri Yitzhak, treasures Israeli wines from around the country, with an emphasis on artisanal, fascinating producers. Enjoy a guided wine tasting daily between 16:00 and 19:00, including a sample of five glasses of wine accompanied by a select platter of local artisanal cheeses. 165₪ per person.

You can choose to drink from any bottle you wish or enjoy a glass of wine from the rotating glass menu. The cellar is open every day from 16:00-22:00, located below the lobby floor.

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Celebrate in a unique atmosphere heightened by specialty dishes in Rouge’s lounge. The space is fit for intimate celebrations, business meetings, workshops, and more. Reservations can include customized meal options and elaborate refreshments, depending on the nature of the event.

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Entry from the age of 18

Phone: 054-9935431

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*The hotel does not have a kosher certificate