Pereh extends over vast spaces, enabling guests the comfort, convenience, and repose of the land’s truest nature without ever leaving the vicinity. While you’re packing your bags before you arrive, be sure to bring comfortable clothes, sports shoes and, of course, a bathing suit.


Keep your routine going, even on vacation.
Pereh’s unique and exclusive gym includes state-of-the-art fitness equipment made of sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials and 10 varied exercise machines that enable a high-quality, professional training experience. Manufactured by the groundbreaking company NOHRD, the ‘fitness furniture’ is meticulously designed for the highest level of efficiency – combining aerobic and functional training.
The gym is open 24 hours a day. Energy snacks, water bottles, and towels are available.


The hotel has a large infinity pool inlaid with a beautiful blue stone mosaic, surrounded by relaxing and convenient seating arrangements. The adjacent pool bar offers drinks and snacks in the summer season. The jacuzzi is heated up to 40 degrees on a platform offering magical views of the orchard and the Naftali mountain range.


Pereh’s game room is in a renovated historic French building with its classic structure remaining intact. Find comfortable seating areas, a pool table, and table football.

The room is open from 21:00 in the evening to 2:00 in the morning.
May the best player win…


In the dry sauna, there is 0% humidity at a temperature of 80 degrees. While sitting in the sauna, the body temperature rises, a high metabolic rate is initialized, and toxins are released from the pores. This powerful experience is recommended for anyone who wants to do a deep system cleanse. If you have scheduled a treatment at Pereh’s spa, it is recommended to go into the sauna about 10 minutes before the treatment.

*The use of the sauna is not suitable for pregnant women and those suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure.


In Pereh’s spa, our wet sauna releases steam at 100% humidity and a temperature of 70 degrees, warming the body and initiating blood circulation, sweating, and opening pores, which cleanse your bodily systems. The wet sauna is especially helpful for those with breathing problems.

*The use of the sauna is not suitable for pregnant women and those suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure.