The Spa at Pereh Mountain Resort promotes the local lifestyle and approach. The local population of The Golan Heights is famous for being tuned into nature, utilizing regional resources to fabricate remedies, ointments, essential oils, therapeutic teas, soaps and soaking blends to calibrate the body and spirit. Our spa treatment selection offers treatments that will get you recharged, detoxed, energized, and relaxed. For additional pampering try our “a-la-carte” beauty services. TIME TO INDULGE

Deep Tissue

A fusion of massage techniques provides a powerful and relaxing experience

A tension-relieving massage that combines deep tissue massage with classic Swedish massage.

You can feel the melting tension, while all the elements of the treatment are combined – the atmosphere, the fine oil, the herbal aromatic essence and the music – all come together and enrich the massage.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes

420 NIS

Hot Volcanic Stones massage

The harmony of heat, power and minerals creates an unforgettable massage

The ancient volcanoes of the Golan left their lava, which cooled and became natural basalt stones rich in minerals from the heart of the earth. The treatment combines the stones for an experience of softness, warmth, pleasantness, balance and relaxation of the muscles.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes

420 NIS


A focused, relaxing and liberating experience

An ancient treatment that combines pressure on the feet at strategic points that are responsible for the organs and tissues in the body. The treatment relieves stress and provides balance and a relaxed distribution of inner weight.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes

380 NIS

עיסוי עורף, ראש & כתפיים

יוצר תחושת קלילות ושחרור בכל פעם מחדש
עיסוי ממוקד שמפיג את המתחים ומשחרר את העורף, הכתפיים והשכמות.

המיקוד מוריד את העומס מחוליות הגב ומעניק תחושת קלילות משכרת.

משך הטיפול: 30 או 60 דקות

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