Pereh Hotel Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our site.

Pereh site ( at ) is a website which provides, among other things, information regarding Pereh Hotel ( hereinafter “ the hotel “ )services provided by the hotel, prices, promotions and more. Also, as part of the website you can purchase accommodations and vacation packages at the hotel, as well as spa packages and all is detailed in the website ( hereinafter “ the website” ).

Please read this privacy policy before using the website and prior to providing personal details ( such as name, phone number, email address, payment details etc ) to the company via our website.

On this website the meaning of the terms “we”, “our”, “ to us”, and “ the company” shall be the company “ PEREH Hotel Beit Hameches Ltd, 516209186 ( hereinafter “ the company” ).

This notice details some of the processes applied in collecting information from the website and in connection with it and the uses made of this information. Requests or questions regarding information about you ( as received by the company – to the extent  received – as part of your browsing the website ) you should refer to the company by completing and sending the required details on the “ Contact Us “ page on the website, or by contacting the hotel directly by calling 077-3311222

1.Collecting information and possible uses

1.1 we collect two types on information regarding the website users (a) active information ( such as name, i.d. number, email address, phone numbers, payment details,  requested accommodation dates etc ) which the user provides online, among others, for the purpose of booking accommodations and spa packages etc, (b) passive information ( such as the type of browser used by the user on the website, user’s IP address and more ).

1.2 users of the website are aware that all details, data and documents provided and / or will provide will be given to the company or to anyone on its behalf or to any other entity within the website, including personal details that may be entered into a database registered in the company’s name, subject to what is stated in the privacy protection law 1981 (hereinafter respectively “ the database “ and “ the privacy protection law “ ) when providing details to the company as part of the website the user on the website declares that all details are provided by him voluntarily and with full consent, without having any legal obligation to do so.

1.3 personal details that you will actively provide while browsing the website will only be used for the purposes explicitly stated in the specific location where they will be provided, and in particular that no use will be done in the payment details provided by you except to make a payment for a purchase you requested to make through the website.

1.4 website users are aware that the company and/or someone on its behalf may contact them in the future by direct mail based on the data details in the database, including matters that are not part of these regulations as well as contact them with marketing / advertising offers of any kind and type through the various mailing methods, all subject to the privacy protection law and in a accordance with the provisions of the law ( hereinafter “ references” ).

1.5 it is also known for the website user that the information provided by them as stated above, can and is also stored in an additional database that the company owns ( if any ) which is used for its direct mail services and those on its behalf – and that the data may be used by the company and/or those on its behalf, subject to the limitations of the law and the provisions of the privacy protection law.

1.6 despite the above it is also noted that (a) the information collected on website users may be transferred outside of Israel, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the law ( including the provisions of the privacy protection law and the regulations established pursuant to it ) (b) we may be required to transfer information collected about website users ( in whole or in part ) to the state authorities or to third parties by virtue of provisions of the law, (c) if the company is acquired ( in whole or in part ) or transfers its business ( all or part of it ) to a third party , it is not impossible that the information about website users will also be transferred to his possession, (d) it is possible the information collected about the website users will be used by the company in any dispute, claim or legal proceedings if and as far as there are between the website users and the company , (e) the company may be required to transfer information collected on website users to a third party in the case where the company believes that the website users has committed an act or omission that harms and / or may harm the company and / or any third parties.

2. Server

It is possible that the server hosting the website will be located outside of Israel. In any case we will collect and process the information about the website users only in accordance with what is stated in this privacy notice.

3. Deletion, correction and use of data –

3.1 In accordance with the privacy protection law, each person is entitled to view the information collected about him and held in the database. A person who reviewed the information collected and found that it is incorrect, complete, clear or updated may contact the database information with the request to correct or delete the information.

3.2 it is clear that website users are entitled, according to their request, to review the information collected about them and held in the database and/or to be deleted from one of the databases of the company and/or of anyone on its behalf, or to order that the information about them will not be provided to a person, or a type of person or certain people and all for a limited or fixed period of time, and all of this by giving explicit written notice to the company, stating their demand to review the information and/or to be deleted from the database.  It is also clarified in this that website users receive the right, insofar they are nor interested in receiving referrals ( as defined in section 4.1 above ), to request the removal of their name from the mailing list for sending referrals, among other things, by marking the appropriate rubric in the email messages that will be sent ( if they are sent ) to them or by registered mail or by email to the company.

3.3  changing or deleting details actively provided by users on the websites, as well as reviewing ( in accordance with the provisions of the law ) information about the user on the website held by the company, as stated in section 3.2 above, can be done in a variety of ways, including by completing and sending the required details on the website under “ contact us “, or by contacting the hotel on 077-3311222 during operating hours, or by sending an email to the company at INFO@PEREH.CO.IL

4. Data security –

The company makes sure that its system and resources are managed under an adequate level of information security. It must be understood that while the information security reduces the risks of unauthorized intrusion into the company’s computers and its sites, it does not provide absolute immunity under any conditions against such intrusions and the company is unable to reduce the risks of an unauthorized intrusion to the website.

5. Third party websites –

The website might contain links to other websites operated by third parties which are not under our control or responsibility and are not covered by this privacy notice. If you choose to surf other websites through links on our website, please remember that other website operators are not bound by the instructions of this notice.

6. Cookies

6.1 it is possible that the company will use “ cookies” or other tracking technologies to collect information in order to track surfing on the website including activating and improving offers through the website, present and assist in measurements and research regarding the effectiveness of various media, customize the content and advertisement shown to the website user etc.

6.2 a “ cookie “ is an electronic software that communicates through the web browser between the site and the computer of the visitor/surfer.

6.3 the company does not oblige the website users to accept “ cookies “ and the users have the option to avoid receiving “ cookies “ at any time.

6.4 this privacy policy includes the use of “ cookies “ on this website only and does not include the use of cookies by any  third party

7. “Spam”

We do not use “ spam “. Delivery of advertisement to website users will only be done in accordance with the provisions of the law ( including the provisions of the communications law ( Bezek and broadcasting ) 1982 ) .

8. Children –

8.1 protecting your children’s privacy online is very important to us. Therefore, we suggest that parents or guardians spend time with the children while using the network and participate and navigate their actions on websites.

8.2 A special note for children under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 you (a) must inform us, and (b) provide us with your parent’s or guardian’s permission/consent prior to providing your details. If anything in this section is not clear enough for you, please ask for the help of your parents or guardians

9. Privacy notice update –

We reserve the right to change or amend this privacy notice from time to time. Visitors to the site must review this notice before each visit to the website and check the changes that have been made to it ( as many as have been made to it ) starting from the date of their last visit to it.

10. Agreement –

By browsing the website as well as by actively providing details about yourself within the website, you accept the terms of this privacy notice.

11. The law applies –

Israeli law will apply to this privacy notice and it will be interpreted accordingly. The exclusive jurisdiction in relation to dispute that arises in connection with this notice will be given to the competent courts sitting in Tel Aviv – Jaffa.